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Gauges (Pressure, Vacuum, and Differential):

These devices are especially important for the system with dynamic working characteristics, that require constant monitoring. The selection of gauge requires consideration of process, environment, accuracy, dial size, connection & mounting. It is advised to limit the normal working pressure to 25-75% of the scale of the gauge.

Relief Valves:

In addition to relieving excess pressure from closed-top vessels or piping systems, these normally closed valves provide system control benefits. It is versatile and widely utilized valve. Its compact size, ease of setting, readjustment and repeatability, all contribute to its popularity. The pressure setting is done manually.


A Strainer is an inexpensive "insurance" for protecting pumps. There is often unwanted matter present which can cause serious problems. Dust, foreign matter, or even clumps of product itself, can clog or damage critical & expensive equipment. Another factor to consider is the cost of downtime.