Engineering Excellence that can Unleashing the potential of Biogas for better tomorrow

Excellence & Innovation for Performance Optimization

This is a success story rooted in Roto Pumps’ ability to deliver consistent performance and offer innovative customized solutions to enhance operational efficiency. Roto Pump managed to surpass the existing performance standards of Katharos biogas plant by replacing their existing pump with Roto BioMix Pumps’ RMB692 model. Increased efficiency was achieved by increasing the volume and reducing the operational speed of the pump, while retaining the same 30 KW input motor. One of the remarkable features of this success story is that that the installation process of the Roto pump was completed by Roto experts in just 3 days without incurring any extra cost for electrical installation or increased downtime since similar motor size and capacity was retained.

Marble Slurry Overcoming Challenges, Exceeding Expectations

Creating Benchmarks in Critical Applications

Roto Pumps has developed a niche in overcoming challenges by customizing engineering excellence to optimize our client’s operations. In this process we prove our strength in many critical and unconventional applications. Some of those are exceptionally innovative, many are unique and few are even unimaginable.

This time we customized the Roto PC Pump by adding an inbuilt flushing arrangement and successfully installed it for handling marble slurry in Stonex India. This was a proof of our expertise in marble slurry applications as well. This high capacity Roto pump, delivering 200 m3/hr flow is a first-of-its-kind in India and we hope to install many such pumps in marble slurry applications around the world.


Roto Pumps for Hydro Mulcher Seeder Application

Seamless Flow for Flawless Growth

Hydro-Mulcher-Seeder is a combination of proven technologies that are optimum for hydro seeding applications. For this application KN Engineering uses an 11000 lt. capacity tank fitted with twin sets of stainless steel agitators is used to store slurry of seeds, compost and other consumables.

Enhancing extraction, Enhancing Progress

The process of crude oil extraction is rather a sophisticated one that can be classified into three categories. Primary oil extraction involves the transfer of oil that naturally floats on the surface of the oil well, above the deposits of sludge and sand.

In the secondary extraction, pressurized water is filled in the well. This process creates a displacement in the layers of sand and sludge and forces the crude oil towards the surface of oil well. From here it is transferred to field gathering stations and then further for fractional distillation.

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