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Positive Displacement-

Because of single rotating element, progressive cavities are generated which deliver a uniform, metered and non-pulsating flow. The head developed is independent of the rotational speed, where as the capicity is proportionate to the speed.

Self priming -

Inherently self-priming, the pumps can work on snore and do not requier foot valve.

Non-Clogging -

Can handle solid in suspension or medias contaning a high percentage of solids.

Low NPSH Requirement -

Suction lift capabilities of up to 9.5mwc and effective in high vacuum coditions.

Low Internal Velocity-

Minimum degradation of share-sensitive media, and can also handle highly viscous materials having pseudo-plastic characteristics.


Due to the reversible rotation capabilities, progressive cavity pumps can preform with equal efficiency in either direction.

Silent Running -

Rotors turn inside a resilient stator and thus generate little noise.

Seperate Bearing Housing -

Fluids can be pumped without no contamination.