Roto Pumps offers pumps that are suitable for entire range of upstream, mid-stream and downstream applications oil and gas industry applications. Roto Pumps are available in vertical and horizontal design and can effortlessly transfer high viscous, shear sensitive and abrasive liquids.

Exploration and production of oil

Crude oil is a combination of over 200 hydro carbon compounds found in between the layers of sedimentary rocks under the surface of ground and ocean floor.

Despite its utility in multiple sectors and popularity as fuel source; the process of exploration, processing, refining and supply of crude oil and its derivatives is an extremely complex and cost intensive process

Once a potential accumulation of crude has been discovered and its commercial viability is determined, process of drilling begins.

Drilling is performed by assembling a drilling rig on the surface. Drill bit and a series of components are combined to form drill string that is used to dig a hole in the surface that is deep enough to reach the crude oil reserves. Throughout the process of drilling, a drilling fluid is circulated through the drill string to

  • Lift off the cuttings of rocks and bring them to surface
  • Cool drilling bit and lubricate drilling pipes
  • To prevent the hole from caving in, especially in areas where extreme pressure difference exist between surface and rock layers

After initial drilling and confirmation of the presence crude oil reserve, Hole is cemented to eliminate any chances of caving in and commercial production of crude oil begins.

For this a steel casing is cemented in place and surface facilities are installed for collection and transfer of crude oil.

Perforation is the next step after installation of metallic casing; both horizontal and vertical perforation can be done to maximize the production of crude oil.

Due to a pressure difference between the formation and bottom hole, oil begins flowing from the rocks and travel to the surface. When oil stops flowing of its own accord; a technique called Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is used to flush out crude oil trapped in rock capillaries. EOR can increase the production of crude oil by up to 70 % from a particular oil well.

Generally oil fields stretch over a large area and multiple oil are drilled in close proximity of one another. Here the crude oil is collected in a common field gathering facility before being transferred for refining When no more oil can be produced from the well, the hole is closed with cement and abandoned.

Roto Pumps are preferred pump for EOR and Field Gathering   and are used by biggest oil players in all processes of oil production this includes exploration, production, transportation, refining, distribution and supply.

Calcium cup grease
Catalyst injection
Crude oil & water transfer
Crude oil heavy
Cutting oil
Diesel fuel, fuel oil / heavy oil
Drilling mud
Fire extinguishing agent
Grey / black water
Kerosene / gasoline
MEG / TEG slurry
Multiphase fluid transfer
Offshore oil transfer
Oil & wax mixture
Oil sludge, skimming, waste
Open / closed drains – KO drums
Paraffin / wax
Polymer flooding
Polymer transfer
Produced water
Re-injection / salt water injection
Sea water
Skimmer oil from API
Slop / waste / reject oil
Tar/ wax
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