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  • Long and trouble-free service life Due to absence of metal to metal contact between the pumping elements. Can even run dry for limited period of time.

  • No axial thrust Dual flow of liquid in opposite direction balances axial thrust.

  • Higher volumetric efficiency Due to special double profile of screw flanks.

  • High cavitation free suction lift Due to low NPSH (R)

  • Self-priming and capable of handling entrapped air/vapour/gas Due to positive displacement action and being inherently self-priming.

  • Uniform metered flow Being a positive displacement pump, head developed is independent of speed and capacity is approximately proportional to speed.

  • Capable of handling wide variety of Fluids Lubricating/non-Lubricating as well as aggressive liquids can be handled due to choice of different designs and material of construction.

  • Safe to operate Has in-built relief valve designed to bypass upto 100% capacity.

  • Wider conformity to API 676, 2nd edition.