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Over 50 Years of Excellence in In-house Stator Manufacturing

Capabilities: Stator Manufacturing

Roto pumps pioneering efforts to product world’s best stators are an outcome of superior mould designing and making. In-house compound making and special formulations ensuring production of high quality stators with Zero leakage @ low torque and exceptionally long service life.

Key processes of Stator Manufacturing

In-house mould design:
• Based on in-house research of shrinkage behavior.

In-house mould manufacturing:
• Ensures dimensional and profile accuracies.

In-house compound formulations:
• By expert rubber technologist.

In-house compound preparations:
• Under controlled conditions ensures high level of dimensional accuracies.

In-house Extrusion Process:
• After sleeve degreasing and shot blasting, identified and proven adhesive is applied to ensure that required adhesive strength is achieved. The applied adhesive thickness is also controlled to ensure proper bonding.
• Under controlled temperature of die and rubber, shortest feeding time ensures vulcanization does not occur during the extrusion process.

In-house Vulcanisation Process:
• The chemical modifications that occur during vulcanisation of rubber and methods for controlling the process are strictly followed.
• Vulcanisation through steam curing under controlled conditions includes the desired properties like tensile strength, shore hardness, percentage elongation etc.

Accuracy level of Stator profile with respect to mould profile